Hello, my name is Brett and I am the owner/operator of Web2 Website Solutions (Web2 for short). If you are looking for powerful web solutions that are also extremely affordable, then you have come to the right place! Let me assist you in harnessing the power of quality pre-written Open Source software.
BSc, Cert CyberTechnology.

About – the Business

Web2 is an owner/operator business. When dealing with Web2 you are assured of personal service direct from the owner of the business.

About – Web2 Skills

  • Layout: HTML, CSS.
  • Scripting (client-side / server-side): JavaScript, PHP.
  • Database: MySQL, Abstraction Layers.
  • Graphics: All website elements (slides,logos, banners, etc). Either in-house or via external contacts.
  • Previous IT industry experience ensures good software practices are carried forward into the business (e.g. version control, coding standards etc.)
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