Website Template Solution

Solution Name:
Template. First step is to establish the primary type of solution i.e. whether it is a eCommerce or CMS solution. Then you can be directed to select from a range of templates. Once a template is selected, Web2 installs and rebrands it for you.
A web template is a pre-written generic website which includes all the files (html, graphics, fonts etc) involved in its construction. The template is downloaded and then branded with your own logo, text, photos and any other features which may require alteration.

  • Cost effective way of providing professional level website.
  • Large selection to choose from.
  • Templates exist for particular applications e.g. OpenCart.
Web2 Services:
  • Rebranding template to your requirements.
  • Installing completed template.
  • Packaging template with the primary solution (eCommerce or CMS).
Template Packages:
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